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  • Titan Coatings wanted to better inform customers through their website of the many advantages their coating products provide.
  • Brown Machine wanted a site that served both the needs of their traditional customers, while expanding their marketing to include new services.
  • MedSouth wanted to create a host of new marketing materials, including a custom website for its customers to explore their urgent care services.
  • Future150 wanted to create a comprehensive ranking website to manage both high school and junior player profiles across the nation.
  • Merging the existing brand strength of both MedVest and Harbert Realty into one cohesive brochure was a complete marketing success.
  • Nelson Glass wanted their web design in Birmingham, AL to professionally match their brand and deliver more targeted customers.
  • KnowMyHire.com wanted to develop their brand into a playful, yet professional organization. We delivered on both counts.

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Since 2003, Birmingham, Alabama-based Lexcio has provided quality web and print design services for leading companies across various industries. Lexcio integrates each piece of creative web and print marketing, building on your company's brand and widening its exposure. A wide range of important marketing services are now available to your business — with just one call.

Your brand's image is important, so we approach each client with a fresh perspective, ensuring our work is uniquely yours. Our marketing increases awareness of your products and services — while staying true to your brand — and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

We are ready to make marketing your company or organization easy. We invite you to view our design portfolio and decide if we are right for you.

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