Get Healthy On The Railroad

August 28, 2011 - Posted by to birmingham

BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama sponsors a great way to get in shape in downtown Birmingham.  Exercise classes include Zumba, Crunk Fitness, Be Fit, Yoga and FitCamp. Classes are Monday-Friday and begin at 6pm.

Mondays: Crunk Fitness at 6pm
Crunk Fitness is hip-hop, dance workout that provides an upbeat experience for newbies to pros.  Aerobics are mixed with hip-hop dance moves - so everyone can have fun getting their body in shape.

Tuesdays: BE FIT Group Experience at 6pm
Use your body's weight during this workout experience to improve endurance, tone, and metabolism. It isn't easy, but the challenge is great for burning calories.

Wednesdays: Zumba at 6pm
Get the most out of this dance fitness class, with easy-to-learn, Latin-inspired moves.  Expect an upbeat class that will get you in better shape.

Thursdays: Yoga at 6pm
This staple exercise will improve your body's tone, flexibility, and balance.  You might even notice the stress-benefits of a clearer mind. Perfect for newbies and pros.

Fridays: Fitcamp True Form at 6pm
No more wondering about your exercise form. Fitcamp True Form will help show you the way. Proper form will improve effectiveness, help prevent injury, and stop the stares.

Visit the Railroad Park Facebook site for more information.