How Much Is A Company Website?

August 23, 2011 - Posted by to web design,marketing

How much is a website for your business?  It's a great question, and one which we hear frequently at Lexcio.  Without carefully considering the details of your project or knowing the chosen website vendor, the typical range runs between $1,000 to $20,000.  A complex site with a large set of custom-coded features can easily run higher.  Before you will know how much your website will cost to build, you first need to have answers to a few common questions that will help outline your project's scope.

What will your website do?
It's important to decide what functionality your site needs to accomplish.  Some sites post basic information that never changes - ever. Other websites are dynamic and filled with powerful application features, such as store locators, inventory control and instant content management control.  Deciding where your business needs fall in the spectrum of choices will definitely help nail down web development costs.

What type of image are you trying to project?
Some companies spend a considerable amount of time ensuring their business is a unique player in an otherwise crowded market of similar competitors. Other businesses just want to post their information and move onto the next project. 

A creative and unique site takes more time to build than an "off-the-shelf" template.  Custom web designs may involve market research, weeks of creative design, multiple revisions and feedback from user testing.  Alternatively, a generic template attempts to work across many similar industries with only a few tweaks.  Basic templates are often brokered through wholesale shops that plan to resale each design to hundreds of startup companies.  The choice between a custom design or a pre-designed template will certainly affect the cost of your company's next website - it just depends on your budget and what's important.

How are you going to find traffic for your site?
We all miss the days when it was relatively easy to get to the top of search engines by adding keywords and getting a few links.  Today, it requires time, skill and patience.  Unless you are getting flooded with traffic because of a well-known, brand-name or you're within an industry where internet leads are generally poor quality, your site will need to set aside a monthly online marketing budget.  If search results are important to your business, the right steps will need to be taken during the site's planning stage.  Correcting fundamental site design problems later on will waste time and increase costs.

Find out the cost for your new website now
We've only covered a few site topics, but they are the most important.  If your business is located in Birmingham, Alabama or across the United States, give us a call at
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