Capital Growth Medvest

Medvest provides funding, development and consulting services to medical facilities across the nation. The company's founders have completed over $1 billion in healthcare developments and acquisitions, allowing Medvest to find solutions to the most complex facility transactions.


Medvest clearly understands the obscure processes required to complete medical real estate transactions, but transforming complicated financial topics into approachable sales literature for clients is a challenging task.

Medvest hired Lexcio to create a new website incorporating their services and featuring new property developments. After forging a unique partnership with Harbert Realty, Medvest also requested that Lexcio develop a new brochure to simplify the combined venture’s service list.


Lexcio custom-designed a polished, concise website incorporating new property developments, news releases, services and an expansive client footprint. 

In addition, the marketing piece developed to merge the brand strength of Harbert Realty and Medvest proved a success. New clients are able to fully appreciate their combined partnership, which continues to successfully close lucrative property ventures.

Client Thoughts

"Lexcio has been a joy to work with - enthusiastic and positive when provided a myriad of requests.  The company's graphics and copy are excellent with warp speed turnaround.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a seasoned and professional company to represent our growing firm."

Kathy Brewer, Director of Development
Capital Growth Medvest

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  • Copywriting


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